One & the Many – Forms


forms cover

Israfel Sivad’s newest collaboration.

Based in Washington, DC, One & the Many began as an artistic collaboration between two friends, musician Frank Stewart and poet Israfel Sivad. With Stewart writing music and Sivad providing lyrics for Stewart to sing, the duo enlisted the skills of fellow musicians Dempsey Hamilton on drums and Bill Freeman on bass. Stewart played the remaining instruments to complete One & the Many’s debut album, Forms. Produced by Stewart and mastered by Anthony Lourdes, Forms features a cover designed by visual artist Pamela Adams, making One & the Many a multi-genre artistic collective.

Check out One & the Many’s debut album, Forms, here.


Interview with Author Israfel Sivad (December 2018)

Check out my newest interview with Author Anthony Avina:

Author Anthony Avina's Blog

1)For any newcomers to my blog, tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get into writing?

Well, the truth is I’ve pretty much always written. After my parents split up when I was in fifth grade, I started writing myself to sleep at night. I did that all through middle school. I wrote lyrics based on all the song structures in the liner notes to the heavy metal tapes I owned. In high school, I turned that talent into an opportunity to write lyrics for the punk rock bands I played in. I wound up collecting many of those lyrics in my bookSoundtrack for the New Millennium. Then, when I went away to college, I started keeping journals, and eventually those journals evolved into stories, novels and poems.

2)What inspired you to write your book?

We Are the Undergroundinitially started as a project for…

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We Are the Underground by Israfel Sivad Review

We Are the Underground by Israfel Sivad Review

Check out Author Anthony Avina’s review of my newest collection of poetry, “We Are the Underground.” He calls it “a truly moving work of art to partake in.” I’m thrilled!

Author Anthony Avina's Blog

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

I am happy to share that I have reunited with author Israfel Sivad to bring you an in-depth look into the passionate, creative and unique book of poetry the author has collected. Titled “We Are The Underground”, the poetry explores the intricate journey into the depths of the human spirit. Here is the synopsis.

The Synopsis

More than a simple collection of poems, We Are the Underground delves into Israfel Sivad’s psyche to inspire you to liberate your own. With each carefully defined section, you’ll explore inner worlds and find the keys you need to unlock hidden truths. For, as Israfel Sivad demonstrates, it’s when we enter our own personal depths that we find true freedom. This poetic journey is your invitation to go deeper than you ever have…

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Of Dragons and Unicorns

we are the underground front cover

Of Dragons and Unicorns
By Israfel Sivad

I imagine we knew one another
in a life long passed, a dream I shared
once upon a time with only myself.
Though, now, you’ve shared it with me…

As I sat alone in that diner
all those many years ago
mourning everything I believed
I’d lost, I never imagined you
were real in time, in space. But
now, you’re here. In love

with me who has become one with you.

For, you were there that day in spirit.
Though, I never could have known
at the time. Every poem I ever wrote…

Of dragons and unicorns, creatures
from Pythagorean dreams, we’re
creating all we have ever desired.
Together as fire and earth, the forest
and moon. The masculine and
feminine bound for all eternity.

To become one in the future,
we are beings born of each.
Our relationship is the flesh

creating a world yet to arrive.

To engender more than fantastic beasts,
my love, we’ve become suns, shooting
stars, Pluto and Venus orbiting the
void of time and space on distant
paths to join one another here,
together. On this earth and beyond

as winter turns to spring, you’ve shared

everything with me, who is with you
in body, in spirit, in mind. All that will be is us.
Our love. We cleave – a story unto Herself.

From Israfel Sivad’s collection We Are the Underground available here.

From Welsh to Gaiman: Great Reads of 2018 (so far…)

Thank you so much to Examining the Odd for including my poetry in this list of their great reads for 2018… So proud to be here with such illustrious company!

Examining the Odd

This is my first year of being self-employed, being my own boss, and it’s resulted in more reading time! Here are my favourite reads of 2018 so far…


by Irvine Welsh

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 18.06.49

I read a few Irvine Welsh books years ago and loved them all. In December, I finally got round to watching Trainspotting 2, having been putting it off for ages expecting it to be rubbish. It turned out to be bloody brilliant, so I put Skagboys on my Xmas list and my Mum delivered. I highly enjoyed spending so many pages of tiny type with the boys and girls of Leith.

Art Forms in Nature

by Ernst Haeckel


I’ve had this book for ages and I often leaf through it, wondering which drawings would be best as tattoos, which ones would make great wallpaper, etc… This year, I read the introduction and other writings included in the copy…

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