Recipe for a Future Theogony


We must communicate this to

those in future generations who

want to free themselves as well…


just in case reincarnation exists.

Remember: Dionysus was half-

woman.  Apollo was God, Artemis’


twin.  It is not this body; I

am this body…  “It” am not

this body.  “I” is this body.


A girl when I was a child called me

her brother.  She asked me to get

undressed in the closet; she is no longer.


If you want to follow me, you’ve

got to play pinball.  Just put in

your earplugs, put on your eyes…


Time – Zeus’s father.  All –

Zeus’s children.  Chronos

is Zeus’s father.  Pan are


(god in man’s image

— Michael/Lucifer —

man in god’s image)


Zeus’s children.  All are Zeus’s

father.  Time is Zeus’s children.

Pan – child.  Chronos – fathers.


Put in your eyes, pull out your

earplugs.  Don’t play pinball

if you want to follow me…


A boy when I was a child called me

his sister.  He asked me to get dressed

outside the closet; he is still with me.


I is not this body; It am this

body…  “I” am not this body.

“It” is this body’s twin:


Artemis loves Pan/All/God –

Apollo was the divine half

of Dionysus’ reincarnated man.


Wanting to free the society as well,

those in future generations must

communicate this to themselves…


Schizophrenia is the food of the gods.


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