Of Dragons and Unicorns

we are the underground front cover

Of Dragons and Unicorns
By Israfel Sivad

I imagine we knew one another
in a life long passed, a dream I shared
once upon a time with only myself.
Though, now, you’ve shared it with me…

As I sat alone in that diner
all those many years ago
mourning everything I believed
I’d lost, I never imagined you
were real in time, in space. But
now, you’re here. In love

with me who has become one with you.

For, you were there that day in spirit.
Though, I never could have known
at the time. Every poem I ever wrote…

Of dragons and unicorns, creatures
from Pythagorean dreams, we’re
creating all we have ever desired.
Together as fire and earth, the forest
and moon. The masculine and
feminine bound for all eternity.

To become one in the future,
we are beings born of each.
Our relationship is the flesh

creating a world yet to arrive.

To engender more than fantastic beasts,
my love, we’ve become suns, shooting
stars, Pluto and Venus orbiting the
void of time and space on distant
paths to join one another here,
together. On this earth and beyond

as winter turns to spring, you’ve shared

everything with me, who is with you
in body, in spirit, in mind. All that will be is us.
Our love. We cleave – a story unto Herself.

From Israfel Sivad’s collection We Are the Underground available here.


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