Between Humans and Beasts

Born of the sun and rain,
they look like you, your brethren,
wild and lusty, uncultured
delinquents, overindulgent
drinkers prone to violence:
sired by a father consigned
to eternity upon a fiery wheel.

While you are…

A wise and gentle instructor
teaching heroic children the ancient arts
of your healing arrow forming the bridge
between humanity and beasts,

from out the East, your odyssey will
grow to be subsumed by the Strong,
the Great who return you to your
proper reign o’er the Western gods

where your precepts form the basis
of kindness and culture, devoid of
savage behavior while your powerful
weapons shed life’s blood only to eat,

but as a sacrifice for the transgression
at civilization’s core, this dart, licked by
the great serpent’s poisoned nectar, shall
pierce your thigh to steal your eternal life.

While your brethren…

Remain a metaphor for conflict
between the lower and higher appetites
of all that is seen to precede every
shred of the culture I embrace and
cherish as the foundation of this
very world I create… looking to the
night sky to witness you beyond death.


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