Taking Pleasure in the Mind

Father, lover, friend…
you’ve aged in your youth.
We left our home together last night
and traveled through our history.
Drive on through the darkness
to lead me to your source…

Where the Ganges flows into the Nile…
Where you drop your cup and pour a winter’s deluge
to drown the anointed, like Pharaoh’s army,
in the middle… Where, stolen from the morning
sun, Helen attempts your rival. Sacrifice
your blood like wine tonight.

Let the forest shiver through your feathers, a vast
army of emptiness burning among
your lucky stars; this supernova explodes
inside my heart – firstborn to possess
the signs of life. Only the King himself could
cast His gaze upon the yellow tip of our flame.

My cousin and I shall join your romance, though less
beneficent than you to us. You taught us
to not believe the priests, to trust ourselves
instead – the genius, the insane: completely
human with needs greater than your own. Independent,
emotionless to those of forgotten faith.

Yours is the Father of all
the gods: a fixed quality, an airy
element, a masculine nature adorned
in Saint Michael’s robe. Your metal turns nuclear,
drowns me like lead, the primrose carnation
tattooed through your ankle into your blood,

which is mine. For, your body is
mine. Your mind sparks my own. We shared
each other last night until your light
burst through this darkness, incinerating
the world’s newest age with the breath of
this dragon bleeding at your feet.


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