The Orgasmatron


You are the first… visible

until the end of time: a

new beginning for the

Fool’s anniversary.  Six

hours later every year,

you sound the trumpets

of War – the origin of life

itself.  You are the cardinal

fire, scapegoat, perpetual

enemy of Venus.  Exalting

the sun, you fell from

the house of the gods.


With your fleece of gold,

you water the earth: twin

inspector for oceanic life.

Galaxies interact within you.

Meteors shower from your

reign, encompassing every-

thing around you.  You are

the Pharaoh, first – fertility,

creativity… The storyteller I

met once upon a time.  When

you indicated my rebirth, our

priests dedicated this to you.


Not to be confused

with the “southern” fly,

you’ve been seen every-

where.  Looking behind your-

self, running – you are the

polygon of twelve segments

who saved the regent’s children

by bucking Hell from your back –

You crouched, head downturned…

Unformed and void, you rule

my mind, and now is your time.

(I met you, once, as a child.)


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