Somewhere Between Life and Death

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My claws will slice through your armor
to leave you sitting still in a psych ward,
smoking cigarettes while your children
run panicked through the wilderness.

My golden fur is impervious to your attacks…
I’ll look serene and pristine as you vomit
your insecurities onto me in a court of law
when you take me for everything I’m worth.

My father was a typhoon who came of age
during war, smoking charcoal, delivering
heat in the wintertime with a wink and
a grin women half his age find seductive.

My mother was a nymph with glancing
eyes and a serpent’s baby rattle who birthed
me in the mountains where I spent my youth
blindly echoing sermons among crags and cliffs.

I lie somewhere between life and death, a
question mark posed to you in the form of
a sickle when you met me in the graveyard
where I told you I lost my virginity at your age.

To every culture, I am the lion, violent star
of Bacchus, seated on my throne, feasting
on your flesh to celebrate the end of summer
where you and I ride wild in the hurricane winds.

The Fourth Labor

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With gills like feathers, we’re
found in the brooks and streams
where fresh water runs, feeding
on the living and dead – animals
and plants of 115 million years.

Starving, consuming our own
exoskeletons, we’re your food,
your bait, your pets. The bass
and bluegill… your fish are our
enemies; your mold is our plague.

We’ve read every letter of
your alphabet, traversing Alpha
to Omega. Beta is where our bee-
hive shone brightest: the cancer
already growing in your breast.

Eyeless, we see well enough
in the dark to infect your hero’s
foot, to be immortalized for our
work with the serpent by your
God’s own goddess in the south.

Sentimental about the past,
we’re emotional, responding
to love; your sensations reach
our minds with such clarity, we
don’t doubt them for an instant.

Ruled by the moon, our intuitive
powers are excellent: the source
of the waters in which we live.
Look for us at 90º tonight; our
death silently creeping into you.

Or Were You Always Me?

Posted in We Are the Underground with tags , , on September 17, 2014 by Israfel Sivad

When we were children,
you revealed yourself to me –
In the vacant lot next door,
between the dirt clods you
threw in my face, I saw your
fangs and horns beneath
a cherub’s lonely gaze.
I believed in you then.
The way you overleaped
the snake to make it atop
our playground slide first.
The way you spit as you
spoke, and taught me to
eat plastic grapes. The way
the watermelon seed sprouted
that vine from out your stomach.
The way you survived maggots,
earthquakes, and World War III.

I believe in you today:
the caretaker for the garden,
my father’s final resting place,
where he threw us into heaven
while we laughed and played.
It was so simple back then when
he broke my nose, and a tornado
carried me away to where the toads,
rats, and lizards roamed. Amid
sharks, we’ve found our freedom.
In waves, we were imprisoned by
the witch who marked us with
her nails, that blind witch who
set us free. There’s no freedom
in our world today. I’m bound
to you bound to her bound to me,
united by blood and ancestry…
That witch must know the truth.

Is it that I was always you?
Or were you always me?


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I arise

out of time – space:

the father,

the lord,

the God of your gods.


I am primordial.

I ooze.

I bleed.

I cry your life into being.

I am The One,


your master,

your slave,

your life,

your blood…

Sacrifice to me – your scent,

your soul.


I am nothing.

I am “the” nothing.

What you are is what I am:

the master/the slave.

One who is two.

Two who are one.

I am three to mate with you.


You are nothing without me.

I am All without you.




me –


the source of all confusion,

the madness of all destruction,

the end/the beginning,

the creator/destroyer,

and I’ve come here for you…


your dog to rip the throats from your enemies…

your soul to rise like bile in your throat.

Taste my voice.

Enjoy what you will never know:



Taking Pleasure in the Mind

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Father, lover, friend…
you’ve aged in your youth.
We left our home together last night
and traveled through our history.
Drive on through the darkness
to lead me to your source…

Where the Ganges flows into the Nile…
Where you drop your cup and pour a winter’s deluge
to drown the anointed, like Pharaoh’s army,
in the middle… Where, stolen from the morning
sun, Helen attempts your rival. Sacrifice
your blood like wine tonight.

Let the forest shiver through your feathers, a vast
army of emptiness burning among
your lucky stars; this supernova explodes
inside my heart – firstborn to possess
the signs of life. Only the King himself could
cast His gaze upon the yellow tip of our flame.

My cousin and I shall join your romance, though less
beneficent than you to us. You taught us
to not believe the priests, to trust ourselves
instead – the genius, the insane: completely
human with needs greater than your own. Independent,
emotionless to those of forgotten faith.

Yours is the Father of all
the gods: a fixed quality, an airy
element, a masculine nature adorned
in Saint Michael’s robe. Your metal turns nuclear,
drowns me like lead, the primrose carnation
tattooed through your ankle into your blood,

which is mine. For, your body is
mine. Your mind sparks my own. We shared
each other last night until your light
burst through this darkness, incinerating
the world’s newest age with the breath of
this dragon bleeding at your feet.

The Jungle

Posted in We Are the Underground with tags , , on May 10, 2014 by Israfel Sivad

More muscular and aggressive,

this is the time of our lives.

Our bones are thicker, our feet –

larger.  Our necks won’t keep us

from the front line any longer.


Our eyes are armored.  Our manes

are black and mature.  Your music

has grown flat; we’re blind to the

birth of your Lord.  Move to provoke

us again, you who slaughtered our children.


In Sumer, we reached maturity.  Prehistoric

peoples merged themselves with us, turned

us to the steeds for 18 of your gods.  We

despise your superior attitudes.  Equanimity

lies in our souls, which is why we beg

your mother for forgiveness, offer

her first-born our most prized possessions.


Not even the serpent’s poison could

destroy us.  We are your kings after

death, alive inside their hearts and minds.

The sun itself shines from our music,

the wings of our third eyes, our tongues.


Once upon a time, we led you

through the desert to be abandoned.

But we are jealous gods, punishing

gods who will visit the sins of the

Fathers upon their sons in the jungle.


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Detached and meaningless

from the rest of this world.


Like a word with no context,

no sentence to make any sense:

a sound devoid of hearing.


I twirl this pen between my fingers,

enamored by the shadows it makes,

these scratches on a piece of paper –

from my darkness to your light.


From my darkness to your light…

my eye tries capturing the dragon

I see in these caverns.  It’s your light

coiling upon itself in my mind’s eye.


Can you see through these cataracts?

A lotus floating, open, upon the stream,

a source for life, for light, detached

and meaningless from the rest of this world.


Like a poem with no context,

no structure that makes any sense:

a tree falling silent in the woods.


Attached and meaningful

to nothing other than itself.


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